How to increase average purchase amount and satisfy customers with their purchases

Increasing average purchase amount without foisting upon customers

Increasing the number of items in a shopping cart is one of the possible ways to increase the average purchase amount. But how could you do it while building customer loyalty? You should have psychic powers or understand behavior and preferences of customers in order to select appropriate goods to offer. Accumulated questionnaire, purchase and transaction data can be quickly analyzed for the sake of shop revenue.

Data processing automation enables to:

Increase profitability of outlets

Show concern about customers offering something new

Build a habit to buy in a particular retail chain

Having mastered processing of all data at once you can forecast demands of similar customers with required probability by cart, questionnaire or social standing. The automated system will identify similar buying groups and the only a marketer will need is to offer an appropriate extra article for their cart.

Request for intelligent marketer was generated

The “intelligent marketer” function helped the system to find buying populations using the “Make customer come back” scenario. The customers who had made their purchases more than 7 days ago were selected on a daily basis. They were grouped into 4 clusters by similar 5 purchased products. The marketer would further work with these clusters.

Target population was selected

The system selected the eligible populations. The marketer generated a promo for the selected population by picking “Increase the number of purchased products” population in the RFM-analysis.

Promo was generated

The marketer selected products (e.g., “Dairy products” or “Sausage products”) to sell using the system and assigned fixed price to outbid competitors.

Mailing list was configured

Loyalty Culture independently offered the most cost-effective and secured delivery method of 3 existing options: mobile app, Viber/Telegram or SMS.

Result :

The target audience (422 customers of 3,399) has got a discount for the products of their interest and the retail chain has got 12% of the marketing budget savings.

The retail chain has sold the stock and released the working capital.

The shops have achieved extra sales considering the interests of their target customers while profited from the non-targeted population.

The retail chain has established continuous communication with its customers resulting in fostering the customer loyalty and repeated buying and cut the communication costs by excluding the non-target population from the mailing list. The retail chain awareness has subsequently increased.

Getting started is fast and easy


Collection of project information

Collection of project information


Integration configuration and historical records upload

Integrate the system with cash register software and upload information about your customers and products


Design customization and mobile app publication

Customize design and parameters of a mobile app and publish it.

Free express audit of marketing

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