How to cultivate in customers love for repeat buying in a food retail chain

First experience – appreciation and incentives

In Udmurtia, a food retail chain with over 120 outlets faced a common problem – having shopped once, customers hardly ever came again and rather did shopping in competitor shops.

The retail chain used 1C system for sales recording, although it generated standard reports only.
The customer base was depersonalized and based on the loyalty cards only.
There was no communication with customers or newsletters about promos, except for printed advertisement and expensive SMS distribution.

The retail chain director decided to establish proper interaction with the customers based on the ultimate customer-friendly service and customer-oriented approach. THE FIRST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE made first impression. Having made the first spend a customer had to be appreciated and realize that EACH customer was respected despite of the number or amount of purchases or status. Additional “100 welcome bonuses” would certainly be credited to those who had the first experience and received a loyalty card.

Required target population was easily selected

Having aligned the databases of customers and their transactions on the single Loyalty Culture platform, the marketer was able to independently select the target “New customers” population. Then the system generated the customer list on a daily basis using the pattern conditioned “Made a purchase yesterday” OR “No purchases over the last 6 months”.

Bonuses for target population were configured

Then “Gift” bonuses were configured using Loyalty Culture and 100 bonuses were automatically credited to each customer with the loyalty card.

Promo was configured

After that we configured a promo in the promo parameters section. The “New customer” was selected as the target population. Only the customers from the “New customers” population took part in the promo. Loyalty Culture sent them letters of appreciation.

Result :

Now Loyalty Culture processes slips, cards and customers data every day, generates the customer list with at least “Phone number” available and transmits this list to the mailing service.

The mailing service independently offers the most cost-effective and secured delivery method of 3 existing options: mobile app, Viber/Telegram or SMS.

The eligible customers have been appreciated for their purchases and received a pleasant “Gift”.

The retail chain has established continuous communication with its customers resulting in fostering the customer loyalty and repeated buying and cut the communication costs by excluding the non-target population from the mailing list. The retail chain awareness has subsequently increased.

Getting started is fast and easy


Collection of project information

Collection of project information


Integration configuration and historical records upload

Integrate the system with cash register software and upload information about your customers and products


Design customization and mobile app publication

Customize design and parameters of a mobile app and publish it.

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