Marketing Management System

Double your profit based on
customer behavior data

Fit for your retail business if you have:



thousand or more monthly turnover

more than


product families in the range


times a year or more buying frequency


or more categories of related products and



or more average spend

Use customer behavior data to boost your profit

Do what the market demands

To increase the number of customers in a shop

Automatic scenario «Make customer come back»

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To increase shop revenue

Automatic scenario «Increase the number of purchased products»

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To sell high-margin goods

Automatic scenario «Increase category of purchased products»

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To make your customers regular

Function «Personal promos»

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To find out which promos are really effective

Function «Promos efficiency»

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To know competitors

Function «Competitors»

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You make progress in competing with the market leaders because you:

  • work with real information about customers rather than do guesswork;
  • know What, When and Who to sell based on the analysis;
  • build a habit to buy from you; and
  • do business surrounded by retail realities of the future.

Would you like to see how it works?

Would you like to see how it works?

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[{"MIGX_id":"1","set":"","description":"Mobile app for retail chain customers","image":"manager\/templates\/lc\/img\/XMLID 3250.svg"},{"MIGX_id":"2","set":"","description":"Integration with all systems, including 1\u0421 and CRM","image":"manager\/templates\/lc\/img\/XMLID 3611.svg"},{"MIGX_id":"3","set":"","description":"Quick SaaS implementation without significant costs","image":"manager\/templates\/lc\/img\/XMLID%203686.svg"},{"MIGX_id":"4","set":"","description":"One-stop solution for marketer","image":"manager\/templates\/lc\/img\/XMLID%203543.svg"},{"MIGX_id":"5","set":"","description":"E-mail, SMS, Viber and Telegram newsletters for customers","image":"manager\/templates\/lc\/img\/XMLID%203705.svg"},{"MIGX_id":"6","set":"","description":"One personal account for various brands\/shop formats","image":"manager\/templates\/lc\/img\/XMLID%203290.svg"},{"MIGX_id":"7","set":"","description":"Report generation in 5 seconds using data on 100 mln products purchased ","image":"manager\/templates\/lc\/img\/XMLID%203646.svg"},{"MIGX_id":"8","set":"","description":"Core indicators of shops are always displayed on your quick bar","image":"manager\/templates\/lc\/img\/XMLID%203271.svg"}]

Loyalty Culture is a virtual marketer

System performs up to 80% of routine tasks for your marketer

Mobile app for retail chain customers

Integration with all systems, including 1С and CRM

Quick SaaS implementation without significant costs

One-stop solution for marketer

E-mail, SMS, Viber and Telegram newsletters for customers

One personal account for various brands/shop formats

Report generation in 5 seconds using data on 100 mln products purchased

Core indicators of shops are always displayed on your quick bar

Getting started is fast and easy


Collection of project information

Collection of project information


Integration configuration and historical records upload

Integrate the system with cash register software and upload information about your customers and products


Design customization and mobile app publication

Customize design and parameters of a mobile app and publish it.

Free express audit of marketing

Profit of a retail shop depends on 5 indicators only. You can double your profit by putting just 15% of efforts! Download a test brochure, analyze your business performance indicators and learn how to earn the desired profit!

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